The implications of different particle sizes in airborne infection control.

Aerosol Particles

Research finds that particle size is the most important determinant of aerosol behavior. Many existing recommendations have been based on older studies, however over the last 20 years numerous investigators have directly measured the particle size of infectious aerosols emitted from coughing and exhaled breath. This is had led to several concrete conclusions pertaining to […]

The Complete Guide to Dental Aerosols and Airborne Infection Control

Dental Aerosols Guide

Dental aerosol management and infection control have come to the forefront of dentistry. As concerns over aerosol generating procedures and air filtration increase, the need for proper control methods is clear. Sources are linked in blue throughout the article. Use the sections below to quickly navigate to a specific area within this guide. Demand for […]

How to Properly Place HEPA Air Purifiers in Dental Settings

HEPA Air Purifer Placement in Dental Settings

HEPA air purification systems are often misplaced in dental offices and labs. Use this guide to properly place your HEPA air purifier. Dental staff and equipment dealers are rarely educated on the nuances of where to place air filtration devices in dental settings.  (For a TL;DR version click here.) Indoor air quality is important.  According […]

Does UV Light Destroy Viruses in HEPA Filtration Devices?

UV Light Destroy Virus

Claims are being made from HEPA filtration equipment manufacturers offering UV light as an additional filter method to kill the COVID-19 virus but in some cases may have an opposite effect. If you research this subject in-depth, you’ll find many studies just like this one performed at Berkeley Lab, questioning the overall efficacy. TL;DR: UV […]