Internal Post Particle Filter – 96014

Post FIlter 96014

Replacement internal post filter for Vaniman Vanguard dust collectors. Fits into internal dust filter slot and adds addition layer of filtration to lower debris and dust even further.

Used on the following models

  • All Vanguard Series Dust Collectors
  • Voyager Dust Collector

Part number: 96014


Vanguard Series Dust Collectors

Vanguard Series Filter Replacement Info

Filter Bags (P/N VMC-A400-5): every three months, or when 1/2 full.Internal Post Particle Filter (P/N 96014): every three months.Charcoal Odor Filter (P/N 96013): when noticeable odor returns.HEPA Filter (P/N 97016): every twelve months. Email Filter Replacement Reminders Shop Filters: > How to replace a Vaniman filter bag > More product filter replacement information

Filter Replacement Information

Air Purifiers | Dust Collectors | Sandblasters Air Purifiers Pure Breeze HEPA Air Purifier/Fume Hood Stage 1 Pre-Filter (P/N 97021): every three months.Stage 2 Secondary Filter (P/N 97022): every three Pre-Filters.Stage 3 Charcoal Odor Filter (P/N 97023): when noticeable odor returns.Stage 4 HEPA Filter (P/N 97024): every twelve months. More Pure Breeze Filter Replacement Info… […]

Vanguard Platinum 2X – 10330

Vanguard Platinum 2X


The Vanguard Platinum 2X is a 1-2 station dental dust collector designed to collect dust and particulates at dental workstations. It has a powerful motor with adjustable speed control, replaceable filter bags with “bag-full” indicator light, multiple stages of filtration, and built-in automatic syncing with handpiece operation.  It offers a low cost of ownership with the average unit lasting over 20 years. All units are assembled, by hand, in the USA at our Southern California facility.

Product Features:

  • High-speed turbine technology producing high suction
  • One or two stations with variable speed control
  • Whisper quiet operation at 55 dBA
  • Built-In “Autopilot” for handpiece or lathe synchronization
  • Optional air autopilot for air handpiece control (call for info)
  • Automatic bag full indicator light
  • Multiple stages of filtration
  • Vaniman warranty

P/N (1 station, no Accumulator): 10330
P/N (2 stations, no Accumulator): 10374
P/N (1 station, with Accumulator): 10331
P/N (2 stations, with Accumulator): 10332

Your Purchase Includes:

Vanguard Platinum 2X unit, 1x 2-1/2″ Suction Hose (6ft), Internal Post Filter

Optional Pre-Filter Accumulator.

Optional Single or Dual Station Kit

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Diagrams & Installation Instructions:

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