Extraoral Upgrade for Vanguard – 96088


This upgrade for Vanguard dust collectors converts your existing Vaniman Vanguard Gold 2X or Platinum 2X into an extraoral dental suction vacuum for chairside aerosols.  It includes a 4ft long flexible capture tube, HEPA filter which can be inserted into your dust collector, and mounting equipment to attach it to your existing unit.  Does not include caster wheels. Please note hose color may vary.

Product Features

  • Turns any Vanguard Gold or Platinum Unit into a Chairside Aerosol Capture Device
  • Flexible Collection Tube with Add/Remove Links-Stays Put After Adjusting
  • HEPA Filter to Capture Airborne Microbes
  • Removable Capture Mouth can be Disinfecting

Part Number: 96088

Extraoral Upgrade Kit Instructions

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 9 in


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