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How to Convince Your Dentist to Buy New Equipment: A Guide

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If you’re a dental hygienist or assistant you’ve probably had to ask your dentist to invest in equipment you could use for your job.

The main problem is that most practice owners avoid spending extra money- especially if they don’t see the value. 

But what do you do when the equipment is desperately needed?

No worries… We got you.

Let’s look at why they say “NO” in the first place and how to best handle each situation.

Top reasons dentists refuse to buy equipment for hygienists and assistants.

  1. You’re not the only one asking them to buy new equipment.
    • If you’ve worked in the dental industry for long, you’ll notice there’s a TON of materials, brands, and equipment options offered to dentists. Whether it’s office furniture or orthodontic brackets, dentists are being constantly exposed to a full marketing-onslaught from vendors and distributors.
    • So when you approach your DDS, just know that she/he is already going to be on guard when you start talking about new equipment.  They are likely thinking, “oh no, you fell for their tricks” (well, you get what I mean).
    • How do you break through? Easy! Take a different approach than all the vendors and distributors do.  Schedule a meeting or sit and state how you’d like to chat about the current technologies and equipment you are using and how the office can more productive (aka make more money for the dentist) if you look into newer things.
    • If you come from a business angle, where you point outa return on the investment, it will go a long way towards tipping the scales in your favor.
  2. They feel it’s not necessary for you to do your job.
    • Some of DDSs’ out there adapt a mindset of “all you need is a little elbow grease”.  They might say things like, “I never needed that when I was doing hygiene”.  They may perceive your request as just “fluff” or not really needed. 
    • The trick here is to do a bit of research first.  Find out why that new thing your asking for will be useful.  Put together a succinct request via email where you list major bullets points that show the uses and why it would help the office.
    • People who are generally reluctant to adapt to newer technologies simply don’t have enough information on why the newer equipment is innovative and can ultimately increase revenue.
    • Does it save time or cut down supply usage? Then point out how much time it saves or how much money would be saved on supplies.
    • Wrap it up in a nice email where your dentist can review and read and come to a decision on their own.  Do this, and your odds of getting that perfect, shiny, new thingy is bound to increase.
  3. They doubt the equipment will work.
    • This is probably one of the toughest reasons to argue against when you ask for new equipment.  The dentist flat-out doesn’t think that thing you want will do what is says it will does. 
    • To be honest, they’re not at fault for thinking this way. There’s been a surge of foreign manufacturers in the dental market over the last decade selling all sorts of products that seem great but end up being junk.
    • This is where you have to ask yourself; are they right?
    • The best thing to do in these scenarios is the research the company a little deeper. Check reviews, testimonials, etc.  Make sure the product that you’re asking for is worth the money and made from a quality manufacturer.
    • Once you’ve vetted the product and company, reach out to them! Ask for the data or science that proves their equipment works. Look for videos, research studies, you name it.  Combine all of the information you found as an overwhelming “here’s why” you can provide to your dentist.
    • With enough proof, most rational people will say yes.

Hopefully these examples will help guide you and get you that piece of equipment you’ve been wanting.

For those of you who are looking into extraoral suction systems, check out the section below on how to convince your dentist to get an extraoral suction system.

How to convince your dentist to get an extraoral suction system for aerosol generating procedures.

Extraoral suction systems are an excellent addition in the operatory when you’re looking to minimize patient and staff exposure to biological aerosols.  While HVE systems do a good job inside the mouth, it’s really the stuff that gets expelled into the air that’s the biggest threat.  

And that’s not a bogus statement either—there are tons of research studies validating why aerosols are the biggest threat in dentistry.  You can check out our guide on dental aerosols and infection control for links and data regarding that research.

The best way to convince your dentist or practice owner to purchase an extraoral device is to highlight the benefits the system will provide.

Here a list of benefits you can use that is specific to our extraoral suction system, the Vanguard Mobile 2.0 :

  • Captures biological aerosols created during aerosol generating procedures.
  • When used in conjunction with HVE, clinical trials have shown up to 96% reduction in contaminants*
  • Compact system and flexible capture hose allow for Hygienists hands-free operation during procedures.
  • Extremely quiet at 50dB (for reference, your high-speed scaler is about 70dB) and easily moves around.
  • Makes patients feel safer during their visit.
  • Helps provide HEPA air filtration to the operatory room further reducing airborne contaminants.
  • Made from reliable US company with quality manufacturing.

From the patient’s perspective, visiting an office that takes infection control more seriously by using devices such as extraoral suction systems and air purifiers like our Pure Breeze is much “safer” than visiting an office without any of these things.

Patient perception plays a large role in the overall business of a dental practice, and these systems help to improve that and the air quality.

Free Email Template

We’ve created a free email template that you can copy and paste to email your dentist if you need to “ask” for an extraoral system.

This template is also useful for other pieces of equipment as well. Simply fill in the (insert) sections as needed!

Fill in your info below for a free download.

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