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What Do We Mean by a “Portable” HEPA Air Purifier?

Size matters.

The Vaniman Pure Breeze HEPA Air Purifier is a portable in-room air cleaner unit capable of reducing air particles as small as 0.3 microns by over 99.97%.

There’s a lot to talk about with this piece of equipment. But right now, we’d like to focus on the “portable” aspect of it.

Size matters

The Pure Breeze is indeed portable. You can move it around from room to room, simply plugging it into any standard wall socket as you go. There is no other installation effort beyond that.

To be clear this is not a tiny hand-held unit, nor is it something that should be hung on a wall. It weighs about 67 pounds, so you couldn’t just pick it up and toss it. That’s why it comes with high-quality casters built in. You can easily roll it on any hard, flat surface.

But this is not a piece of equipment that you’d call “big” or “intrusive.” From the top, it’s only 15 5/8” by 19 1/8”. That’s a total of less than 299 square inches.

For a sense of scale: that’s slightly less than a normal-sized end table found in any home.

The Vaniman Pure Breeze fits easily into any classroom, any dental operatory, any reception or waiting area, and any indoor office space.

Remember, too, that every Pure Breeze comes with advanced sound-dampening foam built in, so it operates quieter than a normal human conversation, even on the highest speed.

So when we say it’s non-intrusive, we really mean it.

Learn more about the Vaniman Pure Breeze HEPA Air Purifier here.

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