Vaniman Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Transform Your Indoor Environment with Vaniman’s Cutting-Edge Air Quality Solutions

Industries we serve:

SandStorm Professional Dental Sandblaster


Milling, Polishing, Green State Finishing, Grinding, Surface Prep, Adhesive Removal, etc…

Vaniman Master Mobile Problast

Fossil Prep

Matrix Removal, Surface Texturing, Polishing, etc…

Vaniman Dust Collector with Pre Filter Cyclone Accumulator


Grinding, Polishing, Precious Metal Reclamation, etc…

Master Problast 3 ESD - Electrostatic Discharge Resistant Micro Blaster

Automotive & Aerospace

Surfacing, Deburring, Restoration, Fume Extraction, etc…

Pure Breeze HEPA Air Purifier with Table Top


HEPA Air Purification for Improved Performance & Morale…

Design Center rendering

Design Center

Custom Suction System Designs for Any Industry…

Product lines:

StoneVac Brushless SC and StoneVac Mill Sync

Dental Dust Collectors

Vaniman SandStorm 2 - Dental Sandblaster

Dental Sandblasters

Vaniman Dust Collector with Pre Filter Cyclone Accumulator

Industrial Dust Collectors

Master Problast Industrial Sandblaster

Industrial Sandblasters

Professional HEPA air purification

HEPA Air Purification

Filters & Filter Bags

Perfect View Magnifier with Ruler

Accessories, Parts, & More

White Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Sandblasting Media

Blasting Media