Impossible Instructions for the Impossible Table

If you happened to grab an “Impossible Table” at the trade show, congrats! There were only a few of those that we handed out. You must be extra special. Well done.

Here are the instructions for putting those things together:

Step 1:

Glue the “Y” stand into the base. Separately, glue the other “Y” stand into the other base.

Step 2:

Allow minimum 3 hours for glue to dry; Vaniman recommends watching a “Lord of the Rings” film to pass the time.

Step 3:

Hold one side upside down, with the triangle corners offset. Loop a rubber band around each corner. Be sure each rubber band is taught enough for some tension.

Step 4:

Loop a rubber band around the hooks of each “Y” stand in the middle. Be sure the rubber band is taught enough for some tension.

FINAL: Magic is Real! (Actually, no, it’s not.)

Step 5:

Admire this feat of magic you have just accomplished.

Step 6:

Show your friends and watch as they gawk in bewilderment.

…And that’s all there is to it!

If you have ANY trouble at all, about this or any of our many dust collection, sandblasting, or air purification products, please call Jim at (760) 723-1498 x116. Jim will be happy to spend lots of time on the phone guiding you through assembling your Impossible Table.