Vector Electronic Waxer – 10150


This electronic waxer is designed to help shape or carve waxes that can be used to mock up restorations or to burn out before wax casting. Convenient for dental labs, jewelers, and a variety of other industries. Useful as a thermal parting tool for conformal coating removal.

  • Rapid heat up
  • Rapid cool down
  • Numerous Easy-on/Easy-off golden tips available
  • Small PKT tip comes with each unit
  • Digital microprocessor electronics
  • Temperature sensing for accurate control
  • Automatic selectable temperatures
  • Sleek modern ergonomic design
  • Ergonomic spatula/handpiece
  • Lightweight, detachable cord
  • Operates in F or C
  • Available in 100V & 115V in USA and also 230V & 240V for international use

Four constant temperature programs can be pre-set for customized temperature.

“Sensor-Touch” programmable waxing system heats up and cools down with the touch of your finger.
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Thermal Method for Conformal Coating Removal:

  • Thermal removal involves the use of a low-temperature heat to gently burn and melt the coating.
  • You’ll need to make sure to use a controlled low-temperature tool so as not to damage the PCB, so the use of a soldering iron is not recommended.
  • Be wary as the fumes created by the burnout can be very harmful. Use proper ventilation or work under a Fume Hood for safety, or use a targeted fume extractor.
  • Removal procedure per CTC guide 2.3.4

Conformal Coating Prep

Conformal Coating Thermal Tool

Conformal Coating Prep - Finish


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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 4 in

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