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Refurbished – Vanguard Gold Mobile Extraoral Suction System – 10532


Looking for the refurbished Vanguard Mobile 2.0? Please click here.

This is a refurbished unit and has been certified return and is being offered at a discount. The system is new however may have minor cosmetic damage but is covered under our manufacturer warranty.  Hose style may vary. Our Made in the USA dental aerosol vacuum is extremely quiet and uses a high suction turbine motor. The unit is compact and uses a flexible suction tubing that can be adjusted and positioned for optimal location near the patient. We offer full tech support for our products and proudly manufacturer this unit in our Southern California facility.

This dental suction system is superior to competitors providing 3x the suction at nearly half the price with quality American manufacturing. It’s quiet (53dB on high) and utilizes a powerful HEPA filter which safely captures microbes such as viruses and other contaminants within biological aerosols.

All sales are final. No returns will be accepting however warranty still applies.

Product Features:

  • High-Suction Turbine Motor – 100CFM /  2831L/Min
  • Suction Power of 23 kPa – 3 Speed Adjustment
  • Quiet 53db Operation (normal conversation is 60db)
  • HEPA Filter 99.97% @ 0.3 Micron – Equal to MERV 17 – For Microbes
  • Particle Filter 97% @ 1 Micron For Larger Particulate
  • Easy Maintenance and Low Repair Rate and Tech Support
  • External Odor Filtration Option for Mercury Amalgam Filling Removal
  • Flexible Collection Tube with Add/Remove Links-Stays Put After Adjusting
  • Removable Capture Mouth can be Disinfecting
  • 4 Durable Rolling Wheel Casters for Movement
  • Foot on/off switch
  • Vaniman Manufacturer Warranty

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