Knob – 1471

Knob - 1471
  • For the following units: Voyager, Vanguard Gold 2X, Vanguard Mobile 2.0, StoneVac SC, PureBreeze, PureBreeze Fume Hood, PureBreeze FX.

Knob for speed control.
P/N 1471


StoneVac AM – SLS 3D Printing Vacuum & Powder Recovery – 11051

StoneVac AM vacuum for 3D printing

The StoneVac AM for SLS 3D printing is a powerful StoneVac dust collector capable of handling heavier dust, powder and particulates from additive manufacturing processes. This dust collector was designed to meet the demands of high production powder bed 3D printers (metals, Nylon 11, Nylon 12 and more). A bagless dustbin in the unit and powder bucket on the ESD-resistant Accumulator (included) make powder recovery simple and easy.

The Additive Manufacturing model features a brushless motor which nearly doubles standard motor life, meaning the StoneVac AM can easily handle heavy and high volume use.

This vacuum can reclaim the printing powder, breaking most clumps back down to original size (approximately 60 μm) to be reused. (Before reusing powder, remember to do a final sieve of the powder, and then re-mix it in with more unused powder per the recommendations of the printer/powder manufacturer.)

All units are assembled by hand in the USA at our Southern California facility.

Each Unit Features:

  • Powerful & convenient powder recovery
  • 4 durable rolling wheel casters for movement
  • Class II, Division 2 vacuum
  • Adjustable speed control for varied applications
  • Long-lasting high-capacity brushless motor
  • Unit designed for 3D printing powder
  • Push button quick cleaning system
  • Lab grade HEPA filtration – captures 99.97% of dust at 0.3 microns
  • Pre-Filter Cyclone Accumulator made of ESD resistant material to capture up to 95% of particulates before they even get to the filter
  • Bagless design with removable dust bin
  • Easy maintenance
  • Vaniman warranty
  • Can also connect to any Vaniman microabrasive sandblaster (including the Master Problast 3 ESD)

Please note: ESD resistant pre-filter cyclone accumulator included; however, unit itself not composed of ESD resistant material.

Your Purchase Includes:

1x StoneVac AM Unit
2x 2-1/2″ Vacuum Hose (3 ft)
1x Large ESD-resistant Pre-Filter Cyclone Accumulator
1x Interface Cable

PN 11051

Instructions:[bsk-pdfm-pdfs-ul id="137" target="_blank" show_date="no" date_format="_m/d/Y"][bsk-pdfm-pdfs-ul id="174" target="_blank" show_date="no" date_format="_m/d/Y"]

StoneVac Filter Replacement Schedule Info

Vanguard Series Dust Collectors

Vanguard Series Filter Replacement Info

Filter Bags (P/N VMC-A400-5): every three months, or when 1/2 full.Internal Post Particle Filter (P/N 96014): every three months.Charcoal Odor Filter (P/N 96013): when noticeable odor returns.HEPA Filter (P/N 97016): every twelve months. Email Filter Replacement Reminders Shop Filters: > How to replace a Vaniman filter bag > More product filter replacement information

StoneVac Mill Sync for CAD/CAM

Vaniman StoneVac Mill Sync

The Vaniman StoneVac Mill Sync CAD/CAM Dust Collector automatically turns off and on when your Dental Mill is operating. Our Engineers have worked with the top Mill Manufacturers to ensure our patented CAMLink technology provides seamless communication with your Mill to provide optimal debris and particulate removal. The Mill Sync is the premier CAD/CAM Dust Collector and works with most Dental Mills. Powerful enough to provide dust collection for up to 2 dental mills simultaneously.

Each Unit Features:

  • CAMLink technology allows for seamless & reliable CAD/CAM operation with any brand dental mill
  • Dust collection for up to 2 dental mills
  • Accumulator removes 93% of dust prior to reaching filter, extending unit life
  • Quiet motor sound rated at 57 dBA (normal conversation is 60 dBA)
  • Push-button filter cleaning system
  • Lab grade HEPA filtration – captures 99.97% of dust at 0.3 micron
  • Removable dust bin for easy dust disposal
  • High capacity motor
  • Easy maintenance
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

Your Purchase Includes:

1x StoneVac Mill Sync Unit, 2x 2-1/2″ Vacuum Hoses (6ft ea), 1x CAMLink Mill Connection Switch, 1x Accumulator

Optional 2 Mill Connection Kit

New Product Option: Mill Cleaning Kit

P/N 11060

Diagrams & Installation Instructions:
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